Why Cloth?

Why Go Cloth?

Here are the 5 Reasons we choose cloth:

  • Environment: It's estimated that over 25 billion disposable diapers get tossed into our landfills a year. It takes hundreds of years for just one diaper to decompose. We thought about what our child's life would be like and couldn't stomach the idea that something we used on them as a baby would be around longer than they would.
  • Better for Baby: There are so many different toxic chemicals in diapers such as Dioxin (cancer-linked chemical) and Sodium Polyacrylate (linked to toxic shock syndrome). We realized this couldn't be good and wanted to find a more natural product to diaper our child.
  • Cost: Who doesn't want to save money? A person will spend an average of $2,600 for a lifetime of diapers where as cloth diaper family will spend anywhere from $100 - $600 through the course of diapering their child. The cost decreases for the next child, you can reuse the diapers for them. People bring up the cost of water and energy used to wash the diapers, it's an extra load of every 2-3 days, costing around 90$ a year. No where close to the $2,600!
  • Potty Training: Cloth diaper babies tend to potty train faster.
  • It's EASY: I never understood this when so many parents told me but I get it know. Sure you have to wash them, but who doesn't have a few extra minutes to toss a load in the washer? You afraid of poop? Well, there's a nifty device called a diaper sprayer you can get and hook it up to the toilet. Just a little spray to knock it off in the toilet and toss the diaper in the pail. Cloth diapering isn't a big production. If anything we estimate we spend about 30 extra minutes of our week dealing with cloth diapers. The amount of time we would spend going to the store, buying, driving back home, I think we'd break even.

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